A future grandmother of many

This morning on the way to school, Drew told Michael that when he grows up he is going to have 2 kids…and HE is going to name them

Phineas and Ferb.
Phineas Balducci and Ferb Balducci. I’m thinking they could be destined for a lifetime of jokes and ridicule, but who am I to make fun of a name. Anyhow, then he says, “No, I am going to have 3 kids and the third one will be Mario.” Mario Balducci…not bad. Then he says, “No, I am going to have 4 kids and the last one will be Candace.”

I am going to hold off on monogramming items for awhile, cause I’m thinking that these may get veto’d by the missus…whomever she may be. I think he has finally learned that he can’t marry Mommy.

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